• time lapse

    Time lapse / dolly

    Zewide 500 and Zewide 400 allow easy control of the movement of the camera on one or two axes, via Bluetooth, through our software on your PC or graphic tablet with the Windows operating system and also in Smartphone with Android. Programming is easy and intuitive.

    Very compact, ultra light, dismountable and easy to transport.

    3D work can be done by connecting a second camera in parallel in the Zewide 500 and Zewide 400 controllers.

  • travelling

    Video travelling

    Zewide 100 have been designed for those filmmakers who require a manual dolly for demanding work but with light weight (2.8 kg and 1.65 kg).

    They are ultra compact: 65 cm (25.6 inches) and can easily be transported in a suitcase or bag.

    Zewide offers the best quality/price. You can check it in our online shop.

  • software

    Advanced software

    Zewide has advanced software with five different working modes designed to make the most of the electronic possibilities of the camera slider.

    Conection via Bluetooth for greater ease and comfort for working and programming, as it does not require unnecessary and cumbersome connection cables.

    The Control software works through PC or graphic tablet with the Windows operating system, and also Smartphone with Android. Also available soon for iPhone and iPad. Easy and intuitive programming with various support screens.